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Roles in the school





Designated Safeguarding Lead

Subject responsibility – Music, RE and PHSCE

Lead for Restorative Practices

Mrs Lisa Moorhouse

School Administrator

Parent Contact

Paediatric First Aider

Mrs Karen Busby

Teacher for Year 5/6

Lead for Year 2 and KS2

Subject responsibility -Maths , Science

Senior Leadership

Miss Christina Stirling

Teacher for Year 3/4

Subject responsibility –English, Computing

Mrs Hannah Yates

Teacher for Reception/Year 1

Lead for Early Years and Year 1

Subject responsibility –Art

Forest School Lead

Mrs Katie Friday

Teacher (currently on maternity leave)

Subject responsibility- Humanities

Miss Maria Pangiotopoulou

Teacher for Year 2

Forest School Lead

Mrs Glynis Taylor





Designated Safeguarding Lead

Parent contact

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Lead for Restorative Practice

EPICT-European Pedagogical ICT Licence

Mrs Anne Platt


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Mrs Sarah Harris

TA for Year 5/6

Mrs Natalie Crawford



TA for Year 2 and 1:1 support

Lead for PE

Mrs Emma Bernasconi

TA for Year 2/3/4 and 1:1 support

Mrs Suzanne Thomson

Nursery Nurse for Reception

Paediatric First Aider

Mrs Annie Ross

TA for Reception and Year 1/ 1:1 support

Mrs Lisa Plummer

TA for Reception and Year 1/1:1 support

Mrs Kathy Rivers


TA for Reception / Year 1 and administrator on Fridays

Mrs Gill Gillett

TA 1:1 support

Ms Petula Butler

Breakfast and After School Club- HOOTS


Senior Cleaner

Mrs Carol Cottingham

Breakfast and After School Club- HOOTS

Assistant Cook


Mrs Mandy Akers

Cover teacher and 1:1 learning support

Mrs Pamela Hodgson