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Another useful tip... 

Parents don't need a user name -- just their mobile number, email address, password, and child's first name.
If you're being asked for a user name, it may be becauseyou have not clicked on SchoolMoney Parent Login (and are getting through to the place where you would log in as a school).
Please make sure you click on the SchoolMoney parent login option.

How parents can customise their own SchoolMoney password once they are logged into their account: 
Step 1: The parent will need to login to their account with the password you have provided to them. 
Step 2: If the parent is using a computer they will see `Change Password' in the top right hand corner. If the parent is using a mobile device, when they navigate to the menu side bar it will be listed below History. 
Step 3: A screen will pop up asking for the parent to type in their current password and then enter and confirm their new password. These passwords must include - At least 8 characters. At least 1 capital letter. At least 1 number. 
Step 4: Select Save Password.