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Snowy Owls (Year 3/4)

Trip to the Spanish Civil War memorial at South Parks, Oxford - July 2021

22nd April, 2021

Dear Parents,


Welcome back! After a strange Spring term, it’s lovely to have all children back in school together. I must thank you all again for the support you gave your children in lockdown, whether at home or at school.


During the summer term we will continue to work through a “recovery” curriculum to aim towards the national curriculum objectives for year 3 and 4.


In Maths we will be covering topics including money, time, measure, shape, and space – many of these will be things children can spot at home and in the shops to extend their learning outside of the classroom.  We will also be revisiting the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) as part of our recovery curriculum and you can expect to see short weekly homework tasks to embed these.


In English we will continue to read and write in a wide variety of genres, using texts that link to our topic of “Travels round Europe”. As always, the best way to support your child’s English work is to read with them daily and help them to practise their weekly spelling list.


In our topic learning we will learn about the history, geography, languages, arts and cuisines of different European countries. In RE we will continue studying both Hinduism and Christianity. Mrs Moorhouse will be teaching Science, looking at plants and how they grow.

PE is still on Tuesday, thank you for sending your child to school in their PE kit (school PE top, black jogging bottoms or shorts, suitable trainers, hair tied up and no piercings). As the weather warms up it will be even more important that all childrens’ clothing is clearly named, including both their indoor and outdoor shoes. Please also ensure your child has a water bottle every day, and a hat in very hot weather.


Homework and spellings will come home each Tuesday, to be returned the following Tuesday. We will continue to check reading records as children return their books to make sure there are brief comments showing when they have read their book. There are also spaces to write longer book reviews which should be filled in across the term.


Please check your child’s bag daily for any letters and information.


Thank you very much,

R. Swanson

14th September, 2020


Dear Parents,


Welcome to the autumn term

For those of you that I haven’t had a chance to meet properly, I'm Ms Swanson. I have already been made to feel very welcome by all the children, and I am looking forward to a great year!

We are settling into the new routines of extra hygiene and care; thank you for your support in reminding children to wash their hands often and observe social distancing. In our “bubble” we are lucky to have Mrs Thomson and Mrs Gillett, who will support 1:1 and small group learning. We also have Mrs Moorhouse who will be working on RE and philosophy skills.

For full outline of our curriculum, you can take a look at the website which has an outline in the ‘curriculum’ section.

All Grammar, Spelling and Maths activities will be set according to the National Curriculum and the needs of the class – we are factoring in a “recovery curriculum” to respond to the change of learning in the last six months.

Longer writing pieces and all of our science and humanities work will be linked to this term’s topic of the rainforest, drawing on fantastic books including ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ and ‘Where the Forest Meets the Sea.’

Homework will begin on 14th September, with Maths and new spelling words given out each Monday and due in the following Monday. Reading Records will be checked on Tuesdays and there should be 5 brief summaries of read per week – please see inside cover of the Reading Record Book. An adult should sign once a week, but the rest of these comments can be written by the children as they become more independent with their reading. Regular reading is the most important way to improve on all areas of learning, so thank you for your support in home reading.

As you are already aware, PE lessons will be on Tuesdays and we do ask that the children wear PE kit all day (weather appropriate, ie long sleeves and jogging bottoms if it is cold). This minimises any risks from getting changed in different rooms and crossing bubbles. For those children who wear earrings it would be a good idea to leave these at home on a Tuesday as we may have several PE sessions throughout the day.

Please check your child’s book bag daily for letters and other pieces of information.

Thank you very much,

R. Swanson



14th January 2019

Dear Parents,

Year 3 / 4 Snowy Owls

Welcome back! It’s so lovely to be teaching the delightful ‘Snowy Owls’. The details of the topic can be found on the curriculum area of the website and is called ‘Crowns and Castles’.



The main focus of the topic is the Tudor period of history and children will place the Tudors on the timeline. They will explore the family tree of the Tudors and find out all about the lives of the different Tudor people including the rich and the poor families. The impact of Shakespeare will be a big part of this topic.


Most writing and guided reading this term will be based on the story of ‘The Boy and the Globe’ by Tony Bradman. This is a story about a young boy in Tudor times and the relationship he develops with William Shakespeare. The children will therefore learn about Shakespeare and his impact on literature today. There will be a continued focus on correctly joined neat handwriting, punctuation and the development of greater complexities in the children’s writing.


Speaking and Listening Children will continue you to participate more widely in discussions and express their ideas coherently. Children are welcome to bring things into school to talk about so long as it is related to the topic or something we have been learning about.


Topics covered this term include

  • Application of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • The ‘standard’ method for division.
  • Properties of 3D shapes
  • Co-ordinates (related to maps)
  • Symmetry

Please see your child’s homework for the week’s main learning intentions with suggestions for ways you can support your child in their learning.



Sound and its links to music- recorders, violins, guitars

Experiments with sound

Making cup telephones



What did the Tudors know of the world at that time? Tudor sailors and their travels.

Investigate Tudor buildings and the characteristics of these.


Design and Technology

Children will make either a Tudor House or a Tudor Crown and will apply their understanding of how to strengthen, stiffen and reinforce more complex structures.



Children will explore why Tudors had portraits painted and recreate a portrait. They will also discover what coats of arms are and why they were used before designing  and creating their own family coat of arms. They will also create a Tudor Rose out of clay.



Children will continue with recorders if they choose. The recorder was a key instrument in Tudor times so we will find opportunity for performance. Children will all learn familiar songs from Tudor times and sing in ‘rounds’.



Children will use Espresso Coding or Purple Mash to undertake coding activities.


PE & Games
Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school including suitable outdoor trainers every day. Long hair should be tied up and earrings should not be worn. The focus this term will be on Tudor dance.



This is taught by Mrs Harris on a Friday and the theme this term is ‘Goals’


Circle of Spellings

The children take home 15 words each week to learn which includes 5 from the week’s spelling rule (e.g. adding ed or ing,) 5 common exception (tricky) words and 5 topic words either from their own spelling errors or chosen from a word bank. The children write these words inside a circle at school (hence the name) but they copy them into their Reading Records to take home each week. Some children find the ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ method most helpful for learning spellings but I am happy to see creative writing such as a short story, poem or even rainbow writing as practise. Spellings must be in best handwriting (not rushed) to encourage a good muscle memory of the words. House points awarded for at least 10/15 words spelled correctly each week.

Please listen to your child read at least 5 times per week. This should be during a quiet time at home where ‘book talk’ can take place. Please sign your child’s reading record each time they read so that they can be allowed to change their book. House points awarded for regular reading evidence in reading records!

Suggested maths activities will be sent home each week which include a Learning Intention, quick assessment of where your child is, a main activity and opportunities to extend to greater depth learning if they are ready. Sometimes this will be a replica of one of the lessons they have had during the week and therefore an opportunity for recapping, over-learning and securing a maths concept. It is designed for you to do as much as you feel necessary to comfortably support your child. Some children will spend 15 minutes on the main activity and this will be enough to consolidate their learning. Others will move on quickly and feel enthusiastic to extend their learning. Please write a short comment to let me know what your child managed. If homework has not been signed by a parent, they will be expected to complete it in school. Challenge: House points awarded for a term of complete homework handed in on-time!

I will encourage children to use the DoodleMaths app at home to support their learning in Maths as well as confidence in IT. Just 10 minutes a day is enough to help your child make additional progress.

Finally, please do make sure your child empties their book bag each day after school and gives you any letters so that you stay well informed of what’s going on in school.

Please do not hesitate to come for a chat if you have any questions.


Kindest regards,

Nicola Winchester