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Your child's learning journey will be much more than just core curriculum..... 


We have an obvious focus on the core skills of reading, writing and mathematics; but, we also pride ourselves in making our curriculum broad, exciting and relevant, prompting Ofsted (2017) to state that we have 'a rich and broad curriculum in place, with a wide variety of high-quality enrichment experiences.'


This year we are particularly focusing on broadening our curriculum to enhance specific skills for science and humanities. In addition our teaching promotes reasoning skills, deeper thinking and reflection through thoughtful questioning and learning design; we incorporate 'philosophy for children' across the school. The ultimate objective is to help our children to develop into kind, confident and well rounded individuals, who understand and are proud of their own achievement. Indeed our aspirational culture is one where children are keen to excel.


Provision is high quality throughout the school with a focus on learning skills of resilience, reciprocity, reflectiveness and resourcefulness.  Early Years planning ensures stimulating learning opportunities and incorporates Forest School Learning, with 2 qualified practitioners and an exciting outdoor site of our own. Children are well prepared for Key Stage 1 where they experience success through differentiated phonics provision, development of maths mastery and a continuing exciting curriculum so that in Key Stage 2 they have strong foundation skills to build upon. 

Children become confident, responsible learners who strive to reach their full potential in all areas of learning and are ready for their next steps at secondary school.