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School Council- Christmas Shoeboxes


Mrs Harris and the School Council have done a fantastic job at putting together shoe boxes full of Christmas gifts for the Christmas Shoebox Appeal.

What a fabulous job they are doing at making a positive difference to our world.

Another School Council group are following up on the Sir Tim Brighouse challenge, finding as many ex-pupils of Dry Sandford as they can.

Our special visitor next week is Malcolm Metcalf, who came to the school between 1939 and 1945!

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The week before Easter (2017)


It has been a wonderful week with today being the day of our Easter Service at St Helen’s Church. Thank you to Rev Tim for leading our service. The children were spectacular and reduced some parents (and staff) to tears.

Yesterday was the day of our official opening for ‘The Dovecote’ our school bus, and an opportunity for the children to thank all those people who gave their time and skills for free in order to create this fabulous space.

Sir Tim Brighouse (what an amazing man!) did the honours and cut the ribbon. He also left us with some challenges! One of these was to create a board with as many Dry Sandford ex-pupils as we can. It would be wonderful to see what people have achieved. We will set up a team of children straight away to action this!

Here are some of the many beautiful photos taken…

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January 2017 Viking Visitor!

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PTA Summer Fete July 2016 – Raised over £800.00

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Visit from baby pigs

Barn owls have been so lucky to have two tiny pig visitors! Thank you so much to Mrs Warner and her friends who took the trouble to bring them to meet us!

Watch this space, because we have a broody hen staying with us too. Her name is Silver Penny and her eggs are due to hatch shortly! This is very different from last years incubator chick -but just as exciting. Thank you to Mrs Peters for the loan of her hen!

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Visit from Bob

Bob came back for a visit. He now lives with Mrs Gillett and her family and thinks he is a human. Isn’t he beautiful?Bob the chicken

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World War 2 Motorbike


Thank you to Mr Prior who brought his amazing World War 2 motorbike to show to Snowy Owls. They were amazed!


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It has been a term filled with science activities. Thank you to Science Oxford for our two science days. We have thoroughly enjoyed the activities both on the day- and the follow up!

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House Maths Challenge

Amazing resilience, reciprocity, resourcefulness and reflectiveness shown by everyone!376 384 389 421 423 fr_395_size400

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Visits to book shops March 2016

We are keen that all our children are ‘prolific readers’. To encourage this, we have boxes of ‘Golden Books’ in each class which are wonderful new books which the teachers actively promote. The children share these around and take them home. As part of World Book Day, a group of children were taken to visit the two book shops in Abingdon to choose a selection of books for their class. There will be a variety of new ‘Golden Books’ coming home next term. Thank you to Cothill School and Mrs Bennett for providing the minibus which made this possible- and thank you to the staff at both book shops who were so encouraging to our littlest children.

The KS2 children were allowed to visit Cothill School Library to choose a selection from books which we will buy for them on line.



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