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Welcome to Owlets!



Reception Owlets Curriculum Letter – Autumn Term September 2019 


Welcome to the beginning of a new and exciting year at Dry Sandford Primary School. 


We are all very impressed with how well the children are settling into their new classroom environment. We love teaching your children so please bring them every day as they can miss out on so much and attendance is monitored. If your child cannot attend, please let the office know and try to make appointments out of school hours where possible. Thank you to everyone who has returned the contact information forms please check that you have handed these in, so we have your most up to date details. We have children with allergies in school, so we thank you in advance for keeping snacks and pack lunches nut free. 


This term’s topic has a Woodland focus. We will be learning stories such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, The Gruffalo and Owl Babies and we will be thinking about harvest. The role play areas will be linked to the bears’ cottage. Within our topic there will be lots of focused activities to develop other areas such as, numbers and counting, marking making and storytelling, building and making, music and exploring to name a few!  


The children have been enjoying making new friends, learning new routines and learning through play. As you know we have outdoor learning in all weathers so please provide waterproofs etc. We will keep you updated about when Forest School is starting in a few weeks’ time.  


Helping your child at home 

Children can borrow a picture book to share together at home which there can change every day from the box. The box can be found on the carpet area in the morning, so please support your child in returning a book and choosing a new one. Children may also be chosen to borrow one of our special Golden Books. Later in the term, you will receive a reading book too so you can encourage your child in sounding out and blending words which we will be doing in school as part of our phonics sessions. You will receive another letter when this happens along with a reading record book. 


Promoting a love of books and sharing daily stories can make such a difference to your child’s progress.  


Children learn from real life experiences and you can help your child by involving them in activities at home. 


Here are some examples:  

  • Counting things such as toys, cutlery, anything they can find at home and recognising numbers they can see around them. 
  • Writing their first name  
  • Practising phonics- letter sounds they might see out and about and playing games such as Alphablocks 
  • Telling stories together and making them up. 
  • Counting forwards and also backwards like a rocket count down! Watching shows such as Numberblocks. 
  • Using paints, play dough and threading to help strengthen their pencil control. 
  • Helping to write or draw pictures of their favourite things, or for your shopping list. 


We believe that cooking, tasting and special creative activities are valuable learning experiences and in order to make this a regular activity we would appreciate a contribution of £2:00 in September, January and April to help to cover the cost. 


We are also always grateful to receive materials for pictures and model making, den making in the garden etc., for example, 

Large material, cardboard boxes, carpet tiles, cartons, wool, old Birthday cards, plant pots etc.  


We will be sending out letters to keep you informed of what is happening as it comes up so look out for these, and feel free to talk to staff if you have any questions or concerns. Please check out our website for all the latest news and excitement.  


Thank you for your help and support in your children’s learning! 


Thank you! 


Mrs. Friday and Mrs. Ross