Our School: Keeping in touch

We are firmly committed to the view that a close working relationship with parents will benefit a child’s education. Here are some ways in which parents and teachers communicate with each other.

Sports DayTeachers – are usually available for informal talks with parents after school.

Our Head Teacher will always see parents if she is free, or make an appointment to be certain!

Parent/Teacher Consultation Evenings – These are held in the Autumn and Spring terms and are an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress more formally. If you have any worries about your child’s progress or behaviour then please see the class teacher.

Reports – These are sent to parents annually at the end of the Summer term and form the basis of a parent / teacher consultation if you require.

School Newsletter – Regular letters are sent out giving details of events and news. A copy of the current newsletter can be found in the school office section of this website and copies are available at school reception.

Curriculum letters – These are sent out termly to keep parents in touch with the current curriculum topics and any special events or activities for the individual classes.

PTA Minutes – These are written by the PTA and posted on the PTA Facebook site and the school website. Copies are available from the school office.

School Notice Board – Advertising and reporting on events.

Governors’ Meetings – Minutes of these meetings are available from the school office.

Complaints Procedure

PlaytimeWe fervently hope this will not be necessary. However, should you have a complaint, there are four levels at which a complaint can be considered:

  1. Informally to the class teacher, and/or Headteacher.
  2. Informally to the Parent Governors.
  3. Formally and in writing to the Governors.
  4. Formally to the LEA, sent in writing to the Chief Education Officer.

A copy of the Complaints Procedure can be found on the school office page.  It is also available on request from the school office.