Our School: Opportunities outside the classroom

We are fortunate in that we have close links with a local independent educational trust, Cothill. The trust provides considerable benefit to the school in numerous ways.

The older children are able to enjoy pottery in their purpose built studios, together with golf tutored by a professional coach. Furthermore, the trust’s minibuses are placed at our disposal whenever feasible, which allows considerable reduction in cost for some educational visits.

PotteryHere’s what the children think…

Music Lessons

We are pleased to offer children the opportunity to learn the recorder and piano at a small charge.

Mrs. Sally Allsop gives weekly lessons on Tuesdays.  Ms. Ludmila Podgaiskaia gives piano lessons on Thursdays.

All children taking music lessons are encouraged to perform in assemblies and concerts from time to time.


Annually, all Key Stage 2 children go swimming at the White Horse Tennis and Leisure Centre, Abingdon.   Recently this has taken place in the Summer term.

After School Clubs

Clubs are organised after school throughout the year. They vary according to the interests
and availability of the adults who run them. Some of our recent clubs have been drama,
cookery, judo, art, football, netball and gardening. The clubs on offer, and their times and
availability, are mentioned in the first newsletter of each new term.

Residential Visits

YenworthyThe children will be offered the opportunity of a residential visit while they are with the school, currently this occurs in Years 5 and 6.

Such trips necessitate a higher level of funding but are invaluable in giving the children first hand educational experiences and in helping them to develop greater self-confidence and awareness of others.

YenworthyParents are obliged to at least pay for the residential expenses in such trips and we also ask parents to contribute the full cost of the travel and activity expenses as these are beyond the scope of our main school budget.

A savings scheme operates so that parents can spread the cost of trips over a longer period of time.

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