Our School: Community Links

Our school has close links with the local community, and we often use the villlages of Dry Sandford and Wootton for local studies, as well as making education excursions into Oxford and surrounding areas.

We actively encourage our children to take part in fundraising and community activities…

There is a Community Website at www.wads-village.co.uk with a great deal of information about Wootton and Dry Sandford.

Community Links

In the garden

St. Helen’s Church, Dry Sandford

The school visits St. Helen’s Church in Dry Sandford throughout the year for services and curriculum activities such as History, Geography and Art & Design. We invite the Reverend to visit the school to take assemblies. They also help with aspects of religious education such as the role of a vicar and baptism.

Cluster Schools

Schools in the local area seek opportunities to join together for events. The staff of the schools have also linked together for joint training.


In the past, to develop pupils’ understanding of life beyond Dry Sandford we participated in a European Community project that included working with schools in France and Germany.

Cothill Educational Trust

Considerable benefit is offered to school by our close association with The Cothill Educational Trust.

The Trust provides a full time learning support teacher, to work solely at Dry Sandford. They offer learning support for a range of children of all spectra; in literacy and numeracy. Ofsted (2009) stated that this is a `Particularly noteworthy’ partnership and that `this has had a positive effect on learning, with pupils benefiting greatly from being able to work in very small groups for some literacy and numeracy work.’

The teacher coordinates all facets of Cothill’s contribution: the loan of mini buses enabling us to provide many more and economically viable field trips for our pupils, to the gift of the annual Christmas tree, loan of hurdles for interschool sports events, costumes for productions, funding for specialist ‘in school’ mathematics and literacy performances, and use of Cothill’s staff and facilities.

Each of year 6, 5 and 4 children have the opportunity to attend pottery classes annually. These are curriculum linked and run by a pottery teacher at Cothill who takes individual year groups through a project from conception to completion in a term; examples of a few of the projects are Tudor houses, space rockets and dolls in costume. The year six leavers visit Cothill to have dedicated Golf sessions taught by professional coaches.

Hiring our School

We make our school (both buildings and football pitches) available to the local community to hire. Rates for hire can be found in the Letting Rates document on the School Office section of this website; please contact the school office for more information or to make a booking.