Our School: Care and Discipline

Care and Discipline

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We encourage children to take a pride in themselves, their school and their community. We believe that children feeling good about themselves is conducive to good learning. We therefore strive at all times to make a child feel that it is bad behaviour that we dislike, not the child.

  • School rules are designed to allow children to work, learn and play co-operatively.
  • Discipline is firm, fair and consistent. There is an agreed procedure which all teachers follow should a child ‘break a rule’.
  • We do not condone bullying in any form and take strong measures to ensure that children at Dry Sandford feel safe.

We expect parental support to help resolve any situation where a child is not responding to school discipline. Parents are asked to sign a Home/School Agreement when their child starts school with us.

Home School Agreement 14 15

Behaviour Mang Policy2010


The School Nursing Team have a very informative website showing the services they offer.  http://www.oxfordhealth.nhs.uk/?service_description=school-heath-teams-school-nursing