Our school is a `GOOD’ school

FootstepsOur last Ofsted inspection report, January 2013 Ofsted Report, said we are a good school because:

Relationships between staff and pupils are good, and behaviour is typically good. As a result pupils enjoy school and are keen to learn and feel safe.

Due to the headteacher regularly monitoring lessons and providing good advice to staff, teaching has improved since the last inspection and is now typically good.

Other senior leaders have contributed to this improvement by monitoring the teaching in lessons and pupils’ work in the subjects for which they are responsible.

Lessons are consistently well planned with tasks that meet the abilities of different groups of pupils, especially the requirements of disabled pupils or those with special educational needs.

As a result of the improvements in teaching, all groups of pupils are making good progress overall in reading, writing and mathematics.

Governors are well informed because they hold the school to account, through effective questioning of senior leaders about the performance of the school, and in particular about the quality of teaching and how well pupils progress in their learning.

Read all the latest Ofsted reports for Dry Sandford school here.

Attainment and achievement

The tests were brand new in 2016 and the expected standard is now much higher than previously. We are delighted with our key stage 2 test results this year. Our year 6 children worked hard and deserved their success.


The Government publishes annual achievement and attainment tables for all schools. The most up to date information on our Key Stage 2 results can be found on the Department for Education website:


Search on the internet for “primary school league tables” to compare our results with past years and with other schools.

The Ofsted Data Dashboard provides a snapshot of performance in our school. It complements the Ofsted inspection report by providing an analysis of performance over a three year period and comparisons to other schools or providers.

Ofsted data dashboard