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We continue to improve and develop the school in every way and part of our work will be to progress our 'Philosophy for Children' initiative in order to cultivate the children's in depth thinking. We want our children to not only have the skills and knowledge from all areas of the curriculum, but also to consider how they will use these effectively and ethically in their future lives.

The following information is for those parents who would like to continue the important  philosophical conversations and discussions that their children have at school.


First of all, please use the curriculum information which is provided on the class pages, as philosophy will be built into all of the class topics. For example, the year 2 children are learning about castles and will therefore discuss whether life is better now.


This term, a team of children from year 5 will represent 'School Council' in an Abingdon Partnership project called 'Hope Not Hate'. There will be three meetings with external providers in which the children will consider what equality and fairness is, language and how we use it positively, and finally a conference where children will consider outcomes. All the children in year 4, 5 and 6 will have the opportunity to take part in activities which explore these thoughts and consider what they wish their world to be like in the future.


All children will use philosophy in their Personal and Social Education work. For this there is a whole school theme which is...'Dreams and Goals.'



Week 1:  8th January


Our assemblies will discuss:  New Year Resolutions

The song for this week is 'Imagine' by John Lennon and we discuss how the world is today and how it could be in the future, whether it is better to try and fail or not to try at all.

In class the children may discuss: 'What is the best gift I can offer this year?'


Week 2: 14th January


Our assemblies will discuss:  This week we will have a visit from our local police officer who will give a presentation on what bullying is and how we can all work to prevent bullying and the pain that it causes.

In class the children may discuss:

What makes an action right or wrong?

Week 3: 21st  January


Our assemblies will discuss: Are dreams the same for everyone? The song for this week is 'Here Comes the Sun' and we will discuss the wildest dreams people have- to be a singer, a professional footballer etc- and how we can maintain these but ensure we develop all the wider skills we need.

In class the children may discuss: What are our wildest dreams? Are they the same for everyone? 


Week 4: 28th January


Our assemblies will discuss:  10 successful people who have succeeded despite their disabilities. Can you always see a disability?

In class the children may discuss: What is success?


WEEK 5: 4th February


Our assemblies will discuss:  Reciprocity- we are better together!

In class the children may discuss: What is a successful team? This week we will listen to 'Obla-di-obla-da' by the Beatles and discuss the positive affect music can have to raise spirits.


WEEK 6: 11th February


Our assemblies will discuss: Valuing each other's qualities and the affect we can have on each other - self-esteem and resilience

In class the children may discuss:  A game- ensuring all children know of their special qualities and how they are admired by others.