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Eagle Owls (Year 5/6)



September 2020


Dear Parents,

Welcome to the start of the new academic year.

It is lovely to see the children back! We have already settled to a fairly new way of working and are managing slightly different routines. We will be studying The Mayans this term.


Whilst we endeavour to fit in as much curriculum as we can per day, a significant proportion of time is taken with the all-important aspect of hand-washing. As this happens several times per day, we will rotate groups washing with soap and hot/cold water and hand sanitizer. This is readily available in the classroom, although I notice that some children have a small bottle of their own – this is going to prove extremely useful, not only in being time-efficient, but as good practice in general. The outline of this year’s curriculum can be found on the ‘curriculum’ part of the school’s website.


Our PE time is on Mondays and due to the unusual situation we have at the moment, we ask that children come to school on that day dressed in their kit. PE T-shirt and shorts can be worn as normal, together with tracksuit / jogging bottoms (no specific colour) and a warm sweatshirt. This could be their school sweatshirt. For safety reasons, long hair needs to be tied back and earrings taken out. It would also be wise to wear trainers suitable for running around in.


Built in to the curriculum, there will be sessions of Philosophy, which will encourage more abstract and critical thinking, a skill which will prepare them for later years.


Our assemblies will take place in the classroom and each week, we will be continuing our reward system and keeping up the merits and good marks. The overall theme for this term is REFLECTION, which will allow each child to consider where they are in their learning and the role they can take in moving forward.


The children are expected to read 5 times per week. It is of huge importance that they read for enjoyment as well as understanding, so establishing a good routine will be greatly beneficial. Please encourage your child to record a small summary of what they read in the Reading Record Book to aid understanding. At the back is a place for spellings. Some practice will be needed at home to support what they do in class.


May I thank you in advance for the support that you give to your child in any home activities (usually given on a Monday for Thursday). It does make a difference.


Please check your child’s book bag daily for letters and other pieces of information, although much of this will now come electronically through email.  Any reply slips to letters or any dinner money can come directly to the classroom so that it can all go to the office together.


Finally, another thank you to all who have named sweatshirts and cardigans  – it is very helpful when things are misplaced!



Yours sincerely,

C. Stirling

Egyptians with Year 5 & 6

Welcome to Eagle Owls!

Year 5/6

10th January 2019


Dear Parents,


Welcome to the Spring term. Please find an update for our curriculum this term as follows:

Maths:    Reading & organising data, problem solving including the Bar Model, reflecting and translating shapes; are& perimeter, fractions, percentages, number systems

English:  Writing opportunities linked to other curriculum areas, spelling, grammar and handwriting.


Class Book: Myths & legends from Egypt

Writing news reports, instructions, poetry


Science                                    Forces; Properties & Changing Materials

Computing                               Geometry and Art

RE                                           Christianity

PHSE                                       Dreams and Goals

History                                     The Ancient Egyptians

Geography                               Map work, time zones

Art                                           linked with Egyptians and Computing

DT                                           Moving objects, pottery

Music                                       Pitch and Pentatonic Scales

PE                                            Gymnastics and Dance


Our PE days are on Thursdays and Fridays, although changes in timetabling could alter this. If the children have indoor kit and something to keep their arms and legs warm every day, we will be always ready for those ‘just in case’ moments. Thank you for ensuring that the girls have something suitable for keeping their hair tied back and that all children have suitable footwear for outdoors – it really does make a difference.


Please continue to check your child’s book bag daily for letters and other pieces of information.

Homework continues to be given on Monday to be handed in on Thursday; thank you to those of you who play a part in helping your child with this. As usual, reading needs to be ongoing, 5 times per week with a record of what they have read is important.  Many summarise very clearly when they feed back to the class. Again, thank you for your support in this. The children really do benefit.


Finally, I’d like to introduce you to Mrs Crawford, who will be supporting intervention programmes alongside Mrs Hodgson who will continue to work with us in class. She has already made a start and has got to know some of the children.



Yours sincerely,


C. Stirling