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Roles in the school





Designated Safeguarding Lead

Subject responsibility – Music, RE and PHSCE

Lead for Restorative Practices

Mrs Lisa Moorhouse

School Administrator

Parent Contact

Paediatric First Aider

Mrs Karen Busby

Teacher for Year 5/6

Lead for Year 2 and KS2

Subject responsibility -Maths , Science

Senior Leadership

Miss Christina Stirling

Teacher for Year 2

Subject responsibility –English, Computing

Mrs Hannah Yoshida

Teacher for Year 1

Lead for Early Years and Year 1

Subject responsibility –Art

Forest School Lead

Mrs Katie Friday

Teacher for Year 3/4

Subject responsibility- Humanities

Miss Maria Pangiotopoulou

Teacher for Reception

Forest School Lead

Mrs Glynis Taylor

Learning Support Teacher

Provided by Cothill Educational Trust

Mrs Polly Bennett


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Parent contact

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Lead for Restorative Practice

EPICT-European Pedagogical ICT Licence

Mrs Anne Robinson


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Mrs Sarah Harris

TA for Year 5/6 and 1:1 support

Mrs Marcella Illing

TA for Year 2 and 1:1 support

Lead for PE

Mrs Emma Bernasconi

TA for Year 2/3/4 and 1:1 support

Mrs Suzanne Thomson

Nursery Nurse for Reception

Paediatric First Aider

Mrs Annie Ross

TA for Reception and Year 1/ 1:1 support

Mrs Lisa Plummer

TA for Reception and Year 1/1:1 support

Mrs Kathy Rivers


TA for Reception / Year 1 and administrator on Fridays

Mrs Gill Gillett

TA 1:1 support

Ms Petula Butler

Breakfast and After School Club- HOOTS


Senior Cleaner

Mrs Carol Cottingham

Breakfast and After School Club- HOOTS

Assistant Cook


Mrs Mandy Akers

Cover teacher and 1:1 learning support

Mrs Pamela Hodgson