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Yenworthy Lodge Residential


Monday 26th March - Please be in school be 7.45am - the coach will be leaving at 8am sharp.

Yenworthy Meeting - Wednesday 7th March 3.30pm

Yenworthy Residential for Year 5 & 6 - 26th -29th March


Yenworthy Lodge is an outdoor education centre situated within Exmooor National Park in Devon. All the staff are qualified instructors employed by Groundwork South. The lodge is set in 6 acres of woodland which is within walking distance of beautiful open moorland, ancient woods, wild rivers and dramatic cliffs and rocky shores, providing stimulating and challenging experiences for the education and development of the whole person. We believe that it is very valuable for the children to spend a short period away from home, when they will have the opportunity to look after themselves, to co-operate with others in a larger group and to learn more about themselves.


We have booked the lodge from Monday 26th March to Thursday 29th March, 2018. The residential is open to all year 5 and 6 – as we only run the trip, once every two years. The children will be accompanied by staff from Dry Sandford School.


We have organised a parent meeting for Thursday 27th April, 2017 at 6pm.  There will be an opportunity to ask questions or raise concerns as well as further information, photos and student memories of previous visits.


The cost of the residential will be £325.00 which will be broken down to monthly payments or you can pay using SchoolMoney system.


May 2017

£100.00 Non-returnable Deposit

Nov 2017


June 2017


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July 2017


Jan 2018


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March 2018



Please return the attached slip with the £100.00 deposit by Friday 19th May, 2017.


Many thanks

Mrs. Lisa Moorhouse