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Snowy Owls (Year 3/4)

          24th April 2018

10th September 2018

Dear Parents,

Year 3 / 4 Snowy Owls

Welcome back! It’s so lovely to be teaching children I know so well already this year as it has meant we have already got off to a flying start with our first topic, Rainforests!

The children are learning what rainforests are, where they are, what they contain and who lives there. They will learn about the four main layers of a rainforest and find out about the plants and the creatures that grow in the different layers and how they are adapted to live there.


They will explore the life of tribal families who live in the rainforest and compare the way they live to their own family life. They will learn about the food resources available in the rainforest for the creatures and peoples who live there.


Investigations into the link between deforestation and climate change will be used to make a climate change information video to promote awareness of this important issue. (The next David Attenborough, maybe?)

Most writing and guided reading this term will be based on stories and texts linked to the topic. There will be a focus on correctly joined neat handwriting, punctuation and making sure our written work makes good sense this term.

Speaking and Listening Children are expected to listen carefully in class, work well with talk partners or in groups, follow instructions and listen courteously to others thus developing good manners. They are encouraged to participate in discussions and express their ideas coherently. Children are welcome to bring things into school to talk about so long as it is related to the topic or something we have been learning about.

Topics covered this term include

  • Place value
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication and division
  • Fractions including decimals
  • Measurement
  • Properties of shapes
  • Statistics

Please see your child’s homework for the week’s main learning intentions with suggestions for ways you can support your child in their learning.

PE & Games
Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school including suitable outdoor trainers every day. Long hair should be tied up and earrings should not be worn.


Circle of Spellings

The children take home 15 words each week to learn which includes 5 from the week’s spelling rule (e.g. adding ed or ing,) 5 common exception (tricky) words and 5 topic words either from their own spelling errors or chosen from a word bank. The children write these words inside a circle at school (hence the name) but they copy them into their Reading Records to take home each week. Some children find the ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ method most helpful for learning spellings but I am happy to see creative writing such as a short story, poem or even rainbow writing as practise. Spellings must be in best handwriting (not rushed) to encourage a good muscle memory of the words. House points awarded for at least 10/15 words spelled correctly each week.

Please listen to your child read at least 5 times per week.  This should be during a quiet time at home where ‘book talk’ can take place. Please sign your child’s reading record each time they read so that they can be allowed to change their book. House points awarded for regular reading evidence in reading records!

Suggested maths activities will be sent home each week which include a Learning Intention, quick assessment of where your child is, a main activity and opportunities to extend to greater depth learning if they are ready. Sometimes this will be a replica of one of the lessons they have had during the week and therefore an opportunity for recapping, over-learning and securing a maths concept. It is designed for you to do as much as you feel necessary to comfortably support your child. Some children will spend 15 minutes on the main activity and this will be enough to consolidate their learning. Others will move on quickly and feel enthusiastic to extend their learning. Please write a short comment to let me know what your child managed. If homework has not been signed by a parent, they will be expected to complete it in school. Challenge: House points awarded for a term of complete homework handed in on-time! 

I encourage children to use the DoodleMaths app at home to support their learning in Maths as well as confidence in IT.  Just 10 minutes a day is enough to help your child make additional progress.  And remember that they get house points for earning Doodle Stars! (Check the DoodleMaths board to see the winning class and top 3 students each week!)  Do let me know if the questions have got a bit too difficult.  I will be able to re-calibrate their account to a more suitable level. If it is too easy, this should soon rectify after your child has completed enough tasks.

Finally, please do make sure your child empties their book bag each day after school and gives you any letters so that you stay well informed of what’s going on in school.

Please do not hesitate to come for a chat if you have any questions.

Kindest regards,

Hannah Yates