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Thank you so much to the parents who came to the information sessions last term which were about Philosophy for Children.

One person made a really useful suggestion which was for me to provide parents with weekly themes for assemblies for the term. Each class has a philosophy session (mostly on Thursdays) in class-and these are based on these themes.

The overall theme is 'Relationships' this term...


Week 1: 16th April


Our assemblies will discuss:  What is special about me? What are my interests and which characteristics do I have which I am most proud of?

In class the children may discuss: What is your most important characteristic? Choose 10 and turn them into a pyramid of importance.


Week 2: 23rd April


Our assemblies will discuss:  What makes a good friend? What has friendship got to do with religion? What has religion got to do with friendship?

In class the children may discuss: What are the most characteristics of a person? Which are important to friendship? Which are not important to friendship?

Week 3: 30th April


Our assemblies will discuss: What can we offer each other as friends?  How important is honesty?

In class the children may discuss: Should we always tell the truth and say our honest thoughts when speaking to a friend?


Week 4: Tuesday 8th May


Our assemblies will discuss: What do our names mean?

Look them up. Why do we think our name was chosen for us?

In class the children may discuss: Which name would we choose for our friend and why?


WEEK 5: 14th May


Our assemblies will discuss: Creating the foundations for the way we live our lives…

Focus on people like Thomas Barnado and the ‘bigger picture’ of life.

In class the children may discuss: What makes people successful?  What is success?


WEEK 6: 21st May


Our assemblies will discuss: Conflicts and the resolution of these.

In class the children may discuss:  Is it ok to disagree?